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Teeth may get stained by a variety of foods and drinks that we consume, as well as from habits such as smoking.  These edibles that stain teeth range from commonplace things like coffee, some fruits, tea, sweets, soda and some wines.


Stained teeth do not make a great sight.  Since the edibles that stain teeth are commonplace, teeth regularly need to be whitened for a better look.


That is why home teeth’s whitening is becoming more and more common these days.   Here below is more information on teeth whitening.


Best teeth whitening products at home




You may not particularly like visiting dentists or spending a fortune for their services.  You may be less interested in spending so much at your dentists especially if what you want to be done is something you can do at home safely.  Teeth’s whitening is one of the things you can do without needing an expert.


There are some excellent teeth whitening products you can use at home and achieve sterling results.  Here are some of the best.


  • Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips. These are used once for a period of two hours.  Every three months, you can repeat the process.  The average cost of these strips is $55 in drugstores.  These strips can whiten to an average of 1.4 shades, and a maximum of 4 shades.  Using these strips causes sensitivity in a few users.  The stripes work well, though and users are often happy with their effect, according to customer reviews.


  • Crest 3D Professional Whitestrips with Advanced Seal Technology. These are used for thirty minutes each day for twenty days.  The process can be repeated once more within a year.  Their average cost is $50 in drugstores.  On average, lightning is at 2.2 shades. The maximum number of tones lightened is 4.  Consumers rate the shades highly for teeth whitening and ease of use.  Most find the product does not irritate gums.  A few experienced temporary teeth sensitivity.


Many consumers of this product find that they can do other things even as their teeth continue to whiten.   Users consider this product which they use at home a good alternative to a visit to a dentist.


  • Go Smile Whitening Light System. You use this product for 30 minutes, per session of whitening.  You can use this light system every two weeks.  The average cost of the product at the manufacturer’s website is $198.  On average lightning is by one shade, and a maximum of two.


Consumers find it does whiten teeth after just one use of thirty minutes.  Users report this light product as one of the most advanced technology in lightening teeth.  It causes almost no sensitivity.  Consumers find it easy to use, and it does not cause any discomfort while in use, or leave a bad aftertaste.


Some users, however, find it cumbersome and a bit tedious to hold the light in their mouths.


Best tooth whitener consumer reports


Visiting a dentist for a teeth whitening procedure can cost thousands of dollars.  The cause of the yellowing of teeth is often common foodstuffs.  The majority of people conscious of the discoloration of their teeth may want to try teeth whitening at home.


There are many teeth whitening products available over the counter.  There are teeth whitening gels, stick-on strips, dissolving strips and even tooth-shaped trays.  Fill the tooth-shaped plates with gel before placing them in your mouth, on your teeth for the recommended period.


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The most common question consumers ask about these teeth whitening products is if they work.  Another common concern among consumers is if they are safe.


How the teeth whitening Products Work


Most of these teeth whitening products rely on hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth and remove discoloration on the outer layer of the teeth.  Some use carbamide peroxide which releases hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth’s discolored layer.




Most of the teeth whitening products will lighten stains on the outer teeth enamel caused by smoking, and most foods and drinks.  This fact is according to Jay W. Friedman, D.D.S., M.P.H.  He advocates for consumer healthcare and is a dental adviser to Consumer Reports.


The Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice published a 2014 review that suggested that most of the available over the counter teeth whitening products left teeth a shade or two whiter when used as directed.  A 16-shade tooth bleaching scale is used to determine these shades.


Edmond Hewlett, D.D.S., a University of California Los Angeles professor of Dentistry and American Dental Association spokesperson opines that after use of the products, there is a noticeable difference in teeth coloration, but this difference may vary depending on how stained the teeth are and on individual teeth.


When the products don’t work


According to Hewlett, mentioned above, when a person ages, teeth enamel thins and dentin begins to show.  If for some reason or another the person has a darker colored dentin, this cannot be lightened by teeth whiteners that are often used at home.  The teeth whiteners used at the dentists can lighten dentin because they usually have higher concentrations of the same compounds used for home lighteners.


As well, teeth whiteners work only on natural teeth.  Thus crowns, caps, dentures veneers or white fillings will not change, whether whitening is done at home, or at the dentists.


Is it Safe to use the Kits at home?


When used as they should be, teeth’s whitening kits are safe.  However, Hewlett recommends checking with a dentist, in case there are any issues.  He says attempting to whiten with a cavity may be painful.


At times, according to Hewlett, whitening can cause uncomfortable though short-term side effects.  These are such as gum sensitivity, as when strips are used and are in contact with the gums a lot.  Also, 10 to 15% of consumers do experience significant tooth sensitivity after they attempt to lighten teeth at home.  However, brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth for some time before the whitening procedure and continuing during the period of whitening may resolve this matter.


Most Effective teeth whitening Product.


It’s not quite clear which teeth whitening product is most useful.  However, the journal Clinical Oral Investigations published a review of studies that found that products that contain carbamide peroxide worked slightly better than those that contained hydrogen peroxide.


In regards to foods and drinks, cola, which is quite unhealthy because of its high sugar content, was found to be more staining on teeth than coffee.  Cola also erodes enamel because of its high acidic content.


Sipping cold coffee drinks and iced tea through a straw was found to reduce their staining properties.


Best teeth whitening products over the counter




You may have a wide range to choose from when it comes to over the counter teeth whitening products.  You can choose from packaged systems, strips, special gels and whitening toothpaste.  These over the counter products are not only affordable but also safe for almost everyone to use.


Whitening toothpaste.  Used repeatedly, this is useful in removing surface stains on the teeth.  Every time you use whitening toothpaste, you help your teeth remain in whiter shade longer.  Teeth maintain a whiter shade longer because a user of the toothpaste removes newly formed discoloration every time they brush.  Therefore stains from coffee and other foods and drinks do not stay on the teeth for any period.  Plaque also cannot form on such teeth.  This toothpaste obviously has its advantages over in-office procedures as their effect is not continuing.


 Whitening strips are applied directly to the teeth and worn for 30 minutes.  The teeth can be whitened with new strips a second time on the same day.  The strips are worn every day, for some days when the whitening is being carried out.


Whitening systems.  These include a bleaching agent which is usually peroxide.  The concentration of the peroxide is lower though than a dentist would use if he carried out the whitening using the tray system.  An applicator plate is used to apply the whitening material to the teeth.  The applicator plate is available in one of two styles:


  1. Moldable tray applicators. These come as mouthpieces that you boil in water and then bite down to the shape of your teeth.  After biting the mouthpiece, you embed the form of your teeth onto it.  Then add the bleaching material.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wear the mouthpiece.  These are pricier than the non-moldable tray applicators.


  1. Non-moldable tray applicators. For tray whitening options, these are the least expensive.   Here, the mouthpiece is not boiled and bitten into shape.  The right size is to fit your mouth is chosen when purchasing the mouthpiece.  Add the whitener to the mouthpiece which you then wear according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Determining which whitening system to use depends on some factors.


  • How soon you want to see results.
  • Your budget.
  • State of your gums and teeth. Any done at home whitening carries with it some likelihood of teeth and gums becoming sensitive.  If your teeth are already sensitive, this will influence what method you choose to use, as sensitivity can lead to you abandoning the whitening procedure.


Best teeth whitening kit to use at home




As mentioned above, two types of stains discolor teeth.


  • Extrinsic. These are surface stains that a dentist often scrubs away.  They come from coffee, tea, red wine, foods that cause staining and smoking.  A whitening strip, mouth rinse, and whitening toothpaste can remove these stains.
  • Intrinsic. These are deeper stains that build up inside the enamel.  They may be because of medication, aging or genetics.  Often these are removed at the dentists, who use stronger bleaching agents, but some whitening kits can remove these.


Here below are the best whitening kits to use at home.


  1. Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit. Strips are the most popular whitening kits available, and crest dominates the market.  The 3D Professional Effects Strips are easy to use and give the most professional results.  There are 40 pieces in a kit, two for each day.  One strip is for the upper teeth, while the other strip is for the lower teeth.  The strips are made to be stuck in the teeth and are left on the teeth for 30 minutes every day.  The strips are very effective, and you will see results in 3 to 4 days of using them.  They also remove intrinsic stains.
  2. Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit. If you do not want to wait long to see results, this is the kit for you.  It comes with moldable applicators, which are shaped by dipping them in hot water and then biting into them.  A little gel is then added to the applicator and fitted onto the teeth for 20 minutes and then removed for a ten minute rest period.  The kit has 4 20 minute applicator-on sessions and four ten minute rest sessions.  The active ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide.  After the two-hour session, the teeth are noticeably whiter, and the effects can last up to six months.
  3. Glo Science Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. This whitening gadget involves gel trays and light-activated devices.  The procedure to use this device, which is a little cumbersome at first, is repeated four times a day.  The process is repeated each day for five days to complete the whitening.  The applicator comes with a charger, so a user cannot move around while using it.  The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Shine Whitening Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System. This whitening kit is suitable for people with sensitive teeth.  It uses botanical ingredients in place of hydrogen peroxide as well as LED light.  The gel used here is put in trays which are then fitted into the mouth, and the LED light attached.  It is not so easy to use, though.  The system is used twice every day for 15-minute sessions.  You repeat the process for 30 days to bleach your teeth.


Best Teeth Whitening Kit with Light




LED teeth whitening systems that can be used at home, comprise a small device with LED light.  The device is used in combination with a serum that is hydrogen peroxide-based.  Here are some of the best teeth whitening kits with light.


  1. NightBright LED Teeth Whitening System. Nightbright can lighten teeth by 2 to 8 shades.  The price of Nightbright is pocket-friendly.  It is popular with consumers and gets good reviews.  It is packaged with thirty applications, which last about ten sessions.  Results of using nightbright become noticeable after up to seven sessions.  After using nightbright, the results seen on teeth can last between six to twelve months.


  1. Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Brightening Device. Glo Brilliant is among the most expensive teeth whitening kit.  The technology it uses is patent-pending.  It gives users clinically-proven, professional and long-lasting results.  It works faster than less expensive systems.  A user has to do four daily sessions of 8 minutes each, and results are visible on day 5.  Using Glo brilliant, one gets up to an eight shade change in teeth whiteness. It works well for those who are sensitive to harsher products.  It uses a system that allows special hydrogen peroxide to adhere to teeth only and not to the gums and other soft tissue.  It contains no alcohol.


Dr. Song Home Teeth Whitening Kit.  This kit is a popular option.  The price is not only pocket-friendly, but it also comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee.  The package contains eight large syringes and enough gel for 50 applications.  The kit also includes a teeth tray, an applicator brush and an LED blue light accelerator.   The gel has a very high concentration of carbamide peroxide at 44%.  The high concentration of peroxide makes this product not ideal for someone who has sensitive teeth.


  1. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening LED Light Kit. This kit is very popular.  It has LED light that has five light bulbs.  Built-in is a timer with a beeper, which is ideal for timing treatment sessions.  It has enough gel for 20 or so applications and two syringes.  The concentration of carbamide peroxide is 35% which is not too high for most people.  It comes with a mouthpiece that is not moldable.


Gosmile double action 6-day whitening kit




Gosmile is an intensive six day, teeth whitening system that works, even if previous attempts at whitening did not work so well.  Even if it is your first time whitening, and doubt it will work for your particularly stained teeth, it does not disappoint.


The double-action is in the serum plus power boosters and results in whitening even the darkest and deepest of stains.  It’s easy to use, tough on stains and gentle on teeth and gums.  It causes almost no sensitivity or irritation to gums and teeth.


The whitening kit comes with double-action ampoule.  Each ampoule contains two capsules, each of which holds a different liquid.  The vial is squeezed to break the capsules within and mix the fluids.  The mixed liquids are then applied to teeth with a built-in applicator.


One of the liquids in the mixture releases oxygen ions, which are the stain-removing ingredients in the mix.  The other liquid increases the speed of the liberation of these ions accelerating the whitening results.  The combined effect of the fluids gives exceptional results attributed to this product.  The serum is left on the teeth for at least twenty minutes, and eating or drinking is not allowed at this time.  Rinse the serum after being on teeth for twenty minutes.


The double-action formula works fast and efficiently, so the user does not have to struggle so much to achieve desired results.

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