The number of cultures we have on this Earth of 198 countries is insurmountable. Some folks have been around for millions of years and have stood by their norms and traditions come the dust, storm or technological age.

Primitive humans have been adorning bodies with paints, beads, and jewellery for years now.  With the advancement of the human race progress in ornaments flourished both in the male and female category.

It’s common for people living in primitive societies to wear jewellery but the men in this age and time have a knack for expensive metals.

Be it that precious wedding ring or those gold cufflinks; they would splurge in both. However, just like the way we dress has a meaning in itself, jewellery for sure has to mean.

One can’t shy away from it. Though it takes up just a little percent of visual presentation, attention converges on jewellery thanks to its pomp and different usage by men.

That’s the power of jewelry–for better or worse it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in society.

Folks! That is going to be interesting. We have always left men out from the jewellery race but not anymore! These little (pun intended!) creatures are as keen to adorn themselves as much as the women folk.

Gold has always been considered a valuable asset in one’s locker. Men’s attitudes towards ornaments are on the move, and they are experimenting with all kinds of adornments hitherto classified as solely feminine.

They are keeping it classy in this race of gold necklaces. Accessories are easy to carry because they can be hidden away under clothing if one doesn’t want to show off.

There are many different kinds of gold necklaces available in the market. Let’s go through them one by one, and our male folks out there can choose the type that best suits their personality and age.

Chain Necklaces

Chains are the spine to every perfect necklace. It is the chain which holds the entire piece together. They are excellent on their own, or they’re the perfect piece to accompany your favourite charms and stones.

A classic gold chain necklace can be paired up with anything from punk wear to traditional eastern or western attire. Men wear these chain necklaces with confidence and flaunt them with all kinds of dressing. The types of chain necklaces we have in the market are listed below:-

Link chain necklaces were worn by mafia and white collar criminals in the beginning as they are a statement piece in themselves and can attract attention from afar. This approach, however, is changing in this time and era as males wear all kinds of jewellery be it a statement piece or a delicate little ring on their ring finger. These rope chains are usually made with shiny and dark coloured gold and are long that go down to the naval. Many prefer them just around their necks not beyond.  It all is the matter of choice.

These classic cable chains are made with gold, silver or any other precious metal and worn in multiples or even as a single. Usually a statement pendant, a dog tag or a watch is paired with them to flash up the look, however, if the wearer pairs them up with matching bracelets; No other metal has the same desire and appeal in itself as does the gold. These rope chains are a way of not over doing it alongside making a symbolic status mark in the society.

Wheat chain necklaces have a unique feature that they usually studded with zircon, ruby, emerald or diamonds. These worn by men who intend to make a symbolic representation of their wealth though keeping it simple. The studded precious stones are the defining feature of these chains. The links in these chains have the shape of wheat grains making them delicate and defining.

Box chains are enough in themselves. They made with little pieces of box-shaped links fastened together to form a beautiful box chain necklace. As for the length and number of these box chains to be worn; less is more. Since these box chains are excellent on their own and don’t need and pendants or studded stones to intensify the look, they are a complete statement piece.

Okay, gents so this Figaro link chain is an amalgamation of two chains linked together. It’s the distinguishing feature of this chain. It is usually worn on its way or can be with other chains such as a wheat chain or rope chain. Figaro in warmer tones of gold, or it can produce as the mixture of two metals gold and silver.

Snake chain necklaces are the new addition in the men’s jewellery market. They usually give the added touch when worn alone or paired with a pendant or charm. These chains usually have a clasp made from a stronger metal to keep the adjustment intact since gold is malleable and can change shapes quickly.

How to style gold necklaces

When taking into account men’s jewellery, less is more. A bunch of meticulously chosen pieces that speak out to each other is all that you need to pull out a simple yet chic look.

The adornments one wear reflects a great deal about your character and personality, so it’s critical for these pieces to be compatible with one’s personal style.

Sticking with few elegant pieces that add touches to one’s dress, are versatile and add that elegance factor is an excellent way to go about it.

Deciding which piece to wear and which to leave is a tough decision in man’s case. So dear people here is a quick guide on how to go about your jewellery game:

  • Decorative and Functional

Men are logical creatures. They need to make sense in whatever they do and whichever way they do it. Necklaces are an easy piece of ornament because they can work under the everyday attire.

Only precious metals like gold and silver are visible through the clothing it could be a great ice-breaker. As for the number of chains to be worn at one time, look for functionality and convenience. Adornment shouldn’t be at the price of inconvenience.

  • Keeping it classic

A medium length necklace with either box links or chain link can be worn every day and will give a timeless look every time.

Keeping it simple and easy on the eyes is a great way to grab attention. Avoiding large chunky pendants and going easy on the number of chains is the key to revealing a classic look.

  • Less is more

Necklaces are effortlessly stylish and chic accessory pieces for casual outfits, especially in summers when necklines are usually a little broad.

Minimise it to one or at the most two classic metal chains that a thin, minimal and chic. Though it considered that not everybody could carry a necklace the way it should carry, we believe that it just take a few skills. Carrying an accessory for man is different than making one for a woman.

  • Complement, not overdo

Jewellery should not be the centrepiece of attire. It is meant to accentuate an outfit not overpower it. Gold, in itself, is a statement piece and it shouldn’t  wear with any other jewellery.

That is the thing with men’s jewellery that they are meant to be statement pieces worn over centuries and must give a rugged look as if they have been in use for quite some time.

That is the central idea and attractive feature of man’s jewellery that it is supposed to give a worn out look.

Types of necklace for men

Accessories make good statement pieces and can add that added oomph factor to the outfit. A good chain is an accent piece that doesn’t require to be worn every day and with every attire.

One doesn’t need to have a full range of chains and necklaces to make a statement. Just mixing and matching a few chains and cords opens the door for a wide variety of many possibilities. Let us take a look.

These are whole, solely a military style. Their functionality in nothing more than a pendant carrying the bearers name and it’s tucked into a ball chain.

That is an inspiration for a lot of designers who are replacing the blank void with something customised which adds value to the bearer’s set of memories and collections. It can be work into something flashier and finer.

These chains are classic and timeless pieces. Some looks can create with them depending on the type of material used, the length of the chain and style of links.

The most ancient form of chain necklace has flat links, which fall to the collar bone and are usually called wheat link chain.

Chains are an accent piece all in themselves, whether worn with a tailored suit or a casual T-shirt, they accentuate the outfit.

The underlying notion here is to keep it small. The more hidden the chain, the louder the statement it will make.

Gold in itself is a statement, and when classic gold chains have been using with modern, contemporary touch, it’s enough to stand out.

  • Religious emblems

The kind of necklaces that are tied to faith and represent religious signs are immortal. These are usually was wearing as pendants or dangling ornaments.

These are meant to be understated because these are for one’s belief and satisfaction not to show off. These must use as underneath the shirt, the length of the chain must be so that the pendant falls below the neckline.

Pendants are usually small hanging/dangling ornaments on a comparatively long chain in such a manner that the chain pendant rests below the neckline.

These could be big ones or small elegant stones. As long as it’s adjustable enough to rest against the breastbone, it is good to go. These are usually worn with deep V-necks so that pendant can see against the bare skin.

The choker is a complete opposite of pendant; it is a thick band around the neck that doesn’t hang down. Fashion lovers have played with them in such versatile manners as to wear a leather choker around the neck with a few dangling pieces here and there.

How to stand out in a crowd

Making a statement in the group is not a hard thing to do. It just takes a little know-how of few tricks and tips. We here are going to help you stand out in a crowd:

Keep it classic with metals

Expensive metals such as gold, silver and platinum are meant to be seen and make a statement. Keeping it small with them so that not a lot of attention drawn towards them is the way to go.

If they are drawing a lot of care, keep the rest of outfit simple so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. With metal chains, simplicity is best. You don’t want a lot happening with your outfit and statement pieces. It has to one of either.


When going for traditional steel or gold ball chains, keep in mind that they are minimalist and doesn’t draw much attention from your outfit.


The ability of metal chords to swap in and out of necklaces is such a versatile feature of men’s wardrobe. Owning three to four pendants is more than enough to mix and match with different outfits and to pull out an entirely new look with just a few necklace options.


We will find many websites on the internet offering what and how men should wear jewellery.

Jewellery always has a thought a women’s niche, but with changing times and dynamics, people are keen on making an assertive statement as well. Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc are few of the many prominent designers doing men’s jewellery.

This race of standing out from the crowd is taking us all to experiment with ourselves. The underlying message though is comfort and satisfaction in one’s skin.

No matter how expensive statement pieces we adorn ourselves with, we cannot simply enjoy them if we are not comfortable with ourselves.

Jewellery is supposed to enhance and uplift our senses and personality; it is a part of it, not the whole. If we understand this basic notion, no matter what we wear and how to wear it we will stand out from the crowd without being too hard on ourselves.

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