Top 7 Coconut Oils 2021
Top 7 Coconut Oils 2021

Native Forest has been among the most commanding brands in the market for a long time regarding the production of natural coconut oil.

Today, the company prides itself on several coconut oil versions. All meant to improve your health in one way or another. All coconut oil versions, in this case, feature purely natural ingredients.

Here is a close review of several Native Forest coconut oil types:

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Native Oil 100% Organic Virgin Oil

Aside from being 100% organic, the level of Lauric acid featured in this oil is remarkably high. In addition, the oil comes with loads of medium-chain fatty acids. This renders the oil an ideal choice for cooking, baking, or even deep-frying.

The health benefits of Native Oil 100% Organic Virgin Oil include; improved metabolism, weight loss, and improved digestion.

The same oil has been confirmed to bear a high degree of antioxidants, hence ideal for skin and dental health.

Native Forest Organic Classic Milk


It is native Staple oil for Thai and India, whose prominence lies behind the many health benefits it comes with. It is a blend of healthy processed milk and purely natural coconut oil.

Organic Guar Gum also features as a prime ingredient. This version of Native Forest coconut oil is ideal for several uses including cooking, and frying.

Aside from adding exceptional flavor to your food, the oil also works well in facilitating good health.

Native Forest Organic Premium Coconut Cream


Produced by HACCP, an Organic certified facility, this coconut oil comes as one of the highly embraced natural health resources in Thailand.

Native Forest Organic Premium coconut oil is gluten-free hence making it healthy for consumption by any person. It is considered an ideal topping for pudding, sundaes, and fruit pies, among others.

Native Forest Organic Light Coconut Milk


As compared to Classic Coconut Milk, this product comes with 68% less fat. This is one of the reasons why the product is recommended for weight loss and metabolism improvement.

With low sugar levels, coconut oil makes an ideal option for diabetic people. The product is unsweetened, and therefore it can be used in any food without altering the taste.

The primary ingredients used in making this product include organic coconut, guar gum, and water. It can be consumed alongside most food. Everything about this product is natural hence very healthy for any person.

Organic Fields Coconut Oil


Organic Fields has been among the few companies processing the healthiest coconut oil globally.

Today, the company boasts about selling one of the richest coconut oil versions in terms of nutrients. Perhaps you are wondering why it would be a great idea to consider buying Organic Coconut oil.

Well, here are some of the evident qualities you will enjoy:

100% Natural

Organic Fields works toward providing natural products to consumers. There is no exception in the case of Organic Fields coconut oil.

It comes with all the natural elements deemed necessary for boosting personal health.

The coconut used to make this oil is sourced directly from farmers to ensure that you enjoy the real benefits.

Cholesterol Free

Too much cholesterol is not good for your health. It is for this reason that Organic Fields ensures that their coconut oil does not have any traces of cholesterol.

Considering that the coconut oil is 100% natural, you have the assurance of 0% cholesterol.

Unique Flavor

You will definitely enjoy the unique taste that comes with Organic Fields coconut oil. The product is a result of cold-pressed fresh coconut made so that flavor remains intact even after years of preservation.

At no point will you notice changes in flavor. When used in food, taste becomes absolutely irresistible.


There are several confirmed ways in which Organic Fields Coconut oil can be used. While most people consider it a cooking complement, the same coconut oil can be used for baking, skincare, and hair care. This is attributed to the high level of nutrients featured in the same.

Curative Properties

Based on deep research, it has been revealed that Organic Fields Coconut Oil has the capacity to cure several disorders.

Acne, skin rashes, diabetes, obesity, among others, are the conditions that can be controlled effectively using this coconut oil. The manufacturer has done a lot to ensure that coconut oil’s curative properties are not affected negatively during processing.

Top Coconut Oil For Skin: Selection Guide

Now that you have decided to try coconut oil for skin health improvement, it is best to be wary of choosing the wrong brand and type.

You are bound to come across many coconut oil brands out there, but not each one of them makes the best. Among the things that you should have in mind when choosing the right coconut oil for your skin include:

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Refined vs. Virgin Coconut Oil

It is worth noting that there are two major types of coconut oil availed in the market today (refined and virgin). Refined coconut oil is the type that undergoes processing to come up with a final product.

This includes deodorization and bleaching. Virgin oil, on the other hand, is made using fresh coconut. It features a unique coconut aroma. It is more of a purely natural version of coconut oil.

Arguably, virgin coconut oil is better as compared to the refined version. Less processing is subjected to virgin coconut oil; hence most of the nutrients remain intact.

The refined version tends to have a low level of nutrients; hence not the best option.

Organic vs. Conventional

This entails how coconut is grown. Some of the coconut oil brands today are made from organic coconut, while others are made from genetically modified coconuts.

Organic coconut oil is always considered best as compared to conventional. This is in regards to the level of nutrients featured in organic coconut oil.

Methods of Processing

The two major ways of processing coconut oil include Cold-pressing and Expeller-Pressing. Cold-pressing is an ideal way of processing coconut oil since taste and flavor are not sacrificed.

Expeller-pressing may be good for preserving coconut oil, but taste and flavor may be sacrificed in the process.

It is important to take preservation into account, though. The lesser the amount of heat that coconut oil is exposed to, the longer the duration before expiry.

The nutritional value of coconut oil is better observed and retained at moderate temperatures.


This may seem mediocre to many. However, how coconut oil has been packaged has a lot to do with your health. Coconut oil that has been packaged in plastic containers is arguably not healthy for human consumption.

Apparently, plastic reacts to coconut oil hence tampering with vital elements. On the other hand, coconut oil packaged in a glass jar is the best option. This form of packaging does not pose any health threat to the consumer.

The Best Coconut Oil Brand For Skin

The market is already flooded with so many coconut oil brands. As always, it is worth noting that not every brand out there makes the best. Comparison, therefore, is a matter of necessity in choosing the right coconut oil for skin health.

Below is a list of several coconut oil brands that medical practitioners have greatly recommended:

Native Forest

The brand represents a big empire of coconut oil production. There are several types of coconut oils under Native forests.

Some of them include organic premium oil, organic virgin oil, organic classic milk, and many more. The brand’s strong reputation is behind the high quality that the manufacturer emphasizes.

Organic Fields

The manufacturer of organic Fields coconut oils ensures that all standards and criteria are met for the consumer’s benefit. The brand has already gone viral, with most countries in America and Europe using the same health benefits. T

he natural nutrients contained in Organic Fields coconut oils are super-healthy for any consumer. Aside from that, the company aims at addressing different issues, including skin health and weight loss.

Thrive Market

This brand is among those that command the most sales in different countries in the world. Although new in the industry, this brand has many health benefits that make it popular by the day. In most cases, the company focuses on virgin coconut oil.

This is for one sole reason- that virgin coconut oils are healthier. A lot of health benefits are attached to this brand.

Aunt Patty’s Fair Trade

The brand is known in regards to virgin unrefined coconut oil. The reason behind a clear focus on unrefined virgin oils is to ensure maximum health benefits for the consumer. The processing criterion used by the brand meets all the recommended health standards.

This product is produced in the Pacific Northwest, but sales are made in several countries globally. In terms of nutrients and medicinal capacity, Aunt patty’s Fair Trade ranks among the best.


Nutiva represents virgin organic coconut oil sold across the world. T

he company’s focus is to produce non-GMO coconut oil for the sake of upholding maximum value.

This is achieved through cold-pressing. The company is also known for the healthy packaging of coconut oil. All versions manufactured here come in glass jars.  

For the last decade, the company has recorded remarkable sales and gained an undisputed reputation.

Top Coconut Oil For Hair


Are you aware that coconut oil could be of great help in boosting overall health when applied to hair? Yes! Coconut oil has been linked with preventing hair breakage, boosting hair growth, and improving scalp health.

It is, therefore, a great idea to apply coconut oil to your hair. The question, however, is…which is the top coconut oil for hair health-boosting?

Here are among the very best:

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

If you are looking for coconut oil that will serve you for a remarkably long time without losing value, Viva Labs Organic coconut oil is the best.

It has a shelf life of approximately 2 years. Aside from that, the coconut oil is extra virgin, unrefined, and unfiltered. These are the qualities of coconut oil that have all the best nutrients intact.

Through cold-pressing, the quality of this coconut oil is upheld.

Radha Fractionated Coconut Oil

Perhaps you are looking for coconut oil that is in liquid form. If that is the case, this is an ideal option for you. It is made in a way that it can be sprayed on the hair.

The prime roles played by this coconut oil is moisturizing, nourishing, and killing microorganisms that could be harmful to the scalp.

Clogged pores on the scalp can be unclogged with the help of Radha Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Premium Nature Fractionated Coconut Oil

Looking for coconut oil that is odorless and colorless? Here you have the right option. It is processed in a way that no odor is felt, and no color is seen.

The coconut oil is purposely meant to grow your hair and smooth your scalp. It is ideal for all skin types; hence you have an assurance of positive results upon application.

It is 100% natural, hence providing you with a guarantee of minimal or no side effects after application.

COCO&CO Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

This is designed particularly for beauty and skincare and not cooking. It is recommended for hair care, particularly for those with dry scalp. The primary role of coconut oil is to eliminate dandruff and moisturize the scalp. 

This reflects direct benefits on hair growth. The same coconut oil can be applied to the facial and body skin to unclog the pores.

This is a raw and organic version of virgin coconut oil; hence, its capacity to instigate health improvement is high. It is worth noting that coconut oil has a shelf life of over 2 years.

The Best Coconut Oil Brand For Hair Growth


Achieving good hair health using coconut oil begins with choosing the right brand. With so many coconut oil brands making their way into the market, there is the possibility of choosing the wrong one, especially when no prior consideration is done.

Enlisted below are some of the most trusted coconut oil brands for hair growth:

Oriflame Nature Hair

This brand traces its roots in India, and it is among the most sought. The role played by Oriflame Nature Hair Oil is to soothe and moisturize the scalp.

The said effect reduces the possibilities of hair breakage and slow growth.

Note that this comes as 100% coconut oil. No deduction or addition of other elements might limit its effectiveness.

oriflame beauty Love Nature Coconut Hair Oil - 100ml

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Oriflame Love Nature Shampoo for Oily Hair with Nettle and Lemon

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Oriflame Love Nature Condtioner Wheat & Coconut Oil- Dry Hair

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Oriflame Sweden Nature Coconut Hair Oil(100 ml)

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Dabur Anmol Gold

This comes as yet another famous brand as far as coconut oil for hair growth is concerned. It is maturely processed to ensure that the user enjoys all the benefits.

Among the major roles that Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil plays is providing the scalp with ample aeration, moisturizing, and promoting hair growth. Those experiencing unexpected and continued hair fall can also use this oil.

It has the capacity to strengthen each follicle on the scalp hence leaving no room for breakage.

It is among the most recommended coconut oil brands highly recommended by medical practitioners.

Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil, 500ml - 1 Pack (Ship from India)

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Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil (500ml)

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Dabur Anmol Gold Coconut Oil, 500ml

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Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil

The prominence of this brand is high because there are a lot of health benefits connected to the same.

The coconut oil has the capacity to penetrate through the scalp and reach out to the root of each follicle. This implies that the nourishing power of this coconut oil is at its best.

Among the key effects instigated by this coconut oil include; scalp moisturizing, strengthening of hair follicles, prevention of hair fall, and promotion of hair length.

Parachute Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil - 5.1 fl.oz. (150ml) - Scalp Repair, Gives Stronger, Softer, Silkier Hair

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Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Hot Coconut Oil - 6.4 fl.oz. (190ml) - Dry Scalp Repair, Gives Stronger, Softer, Silkier Hair

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Parachute Advansed Jasmine Enriched Coconut Hair Oil - 10.1 fl.oz. (300ml) - Gives Strong, Shiny Hair

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Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Coconut Oil - 6.4 fl.oz. (190ml) - Hair Fall Control, Gives Stronger, Softer, Silkier Hair

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Patanjali Coconut Oil

It is made and processed in India. Interestingly, the manufacturer of this coconut oil focuses on using extremely fresh coconuts.

The manufacturing process meets all the standards established by health bodies in India. In this regard, you are assured of maximum safety when using this coconut oil on your hair. You can opt to use coconut oil on your hair.

Doing so will attract benefits such as; stronger hair follicles, moisturized scalp, and natural nourishment. Better still, you can opt to use coconut oil on your skin.

A massage complemented by this coconut oil will ensure profound skin health.

Patanjali Coconut Oil 500ml

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Patanjali Double Filtered Coconut Oil 210ml

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Patanjali Virgin Coconut Oil, 250ml

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Pack of 2 Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil 200ml each (Total 400 ml)

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Max Care Virgin Coconut Oil

Perhaps what you want is virgin coconut oil for your hair. The truth is that virgin coconut oil features more benefits as compared to other versions.

Max Care presents to you the virgin coconut oil that you have been looking for. It works miraculously on your hair just to ensure a better condition.

The oil is not only designed for your hair but also for the skin. You are therefore assured of a handful of benefits in regards to this brand.

Organic Coconut Oil - Unrefined, Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, USDA Organic and Non-GMO Cooking Oil, Great as Hair Oil and Skin Oil, 16 Oz

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Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 Fluid Ounce | USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade | Vegan, Keto, Paleo | Fresh Coconut Flavor and Aroma for Cooking & Healthy Skin and Hair

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Parachute Naturalz 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, for Cooking, Hair and Skin, Cold-Pressed, USDA Certified, 16 fl. oz Glass Jar (473 ml)

$12.49  in stock
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